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FAQs + T&Cs

  • Booking & opening hours
    We do not open to the public. Please make an online booking yourself. You can also reschedule online. Normally the time you booked will be confirmed, unless we contact you to re-arrange. If you cannot find a slot that suit you, please email us couple of proposed times, we will try to fit you in. Sometimes we can see clients after hours or on Sundays, if we can. If for any reason you cannot make it, please let us know or cancel it online yourself, so to save the spot for other clients.
  • First time customer
    Please select items you like, and make a booking at the same time before checking out. We will need to fit you with different sizes during the appointment, to find the best size for you before making garments.
  • Repeat customer
    Assuming your sizing hasn't changed, you don't need to visit us. Pick a color you like online, pay online, we will check with you once more via email before we start production.
  • Out of town customer
    Contact us directly with your sizes. We will try to send out a couple of samples to you for trial, to identify best size for you. A bond is required before we send out garments. If you do not want to go ahead, we will refund the bond minus $50 admin & shipping after we receive the garments back on time. If you do go ahead, then the bond will be credited to final invoice of your suit (minus shipping fee - no admin cost).
  • Pricing
    If and when we do run our promotion prices, there may be different surcharge for larger sizes, to take into account fabric & freight costs. For normal price there isn't this surcharge. Different prices should reflect on what you see on the website. Any voucher, this will also be stipulated on the condition of the voucher. If not our standard practice (above) apply.
  • Color selections
    As fabrics become available & discontinued quickly, we try our best to have the website up to date. From time to time we will have more new fabrics in store, and some of the fabrics online may be sold out/ discontinued and not yet updated. Colors shown are carefully taken, however may slightly differ between different displays or when you look at it in person. If you cannot visit us for fabric viewing, please be aware and accept the risk. This is universal to any online purchase.
  • Production timeframe
    Due to a large color collections we hold, and more than 20 different sizing variations, on top of ability to do certain adjustments during production, we normally don't hold stock on hand, but made to order. Production time is 4-6 weeks normally, with urgent order in 3 weeks time (urgent order fee applied). For order of 2 weeks, we will try our best but it is not guarantee (sometime there is unfortunate delays by DHL or NZ Post who are most reliable international and national couriers in NZ). Please contact us for your specific needs, and try to make an appointment as soon as you can.
  • Payment Method
    We accept Internet Banking, cash, and voucher from selected partners.
  • Payment Terms
    Payment in full prior to productions. Discuss with us if you want to arrange installments. If you order extra trousers / waistcoat along with your suit (same color), the balance can be paid when you pickup the suit.
  • Shipping cost
    For completed products: Our shipping will be based on weight and volume (from our Auckland warehouse to you). For suits, we often iron them nicely, and put in a custom box, with suit bag included, and minimal ironing is required by you when received. So shipping price reflect that. For shirt it will be folded neatly to fit around A4 courier bag. You can also pickup from our Albany warehouse, please book a time for pickup online. For samples: We will fold them into a suitable size box, please return in the same condition. Ironing is not required by you when returning.
  • Return policy
    We are fairly strict on return policy, as these are made to order products. If there is incorrect sizing or color, or defect (which rarely happened), please send it back and we will replace/ repair it for you free of charge. We do aware and follow Consumer Guarantee Act on our part.
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