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The Full Story

Our sister company Tailor Made Suits, started in Auckland since 2013. Prior to that, our family has been in the textile industry in Viet Nam for decades.

Tailor Made Suits and its sister company Auckland Suit Hire, have been leaders in its own categories, focusing on quality and affordability.

Suit Warehouse is created to focus on the readywear suit market segment, which sometimes fall in between suit tailoring and suit hire.

Our main focus and strengths with Suit Warehouse:

  1. Provide suits at a reasonable price BUT very good quality and workmanship.

  2. The fitting options are better than other mass produce companies (as we have done thousands of tailoring job over the year specifically for local New Zealand customers).

  3. As we make to order, there is the flexibility to make certain adjustments during the making process (added cost though).

Our Services

Who Are We For

  • Customers who generally can buy things off the shelves. Even though our existing sizing is better than most, and we can also provide certain adjustments (at cost) without going through the whole tailoring process.

  • Customers who look for quality suits that last a long time. (we don't do synthetic/ polyester mix). Our promotional prices are certainly better than other high quality suit suppliers in NZ.

  • Customers who can wait for few weeks to get items created from scratch. Good things take time.(Although some of our best selling colors are in stock most of the time).

  • Customers who can put up with fitting appointments.

Who We Are Not For

  • If customers need to get custom clothing, then we would recommend our sister company Tailor Made Suits.

  • Customers who prefer the cheapest suit available on the market (most time it will be clearance sizes, and/or bad quality materials). With the low price tag, some of these would last couple of wear, so customers should consider cost per use.

  • Customers who prefer to get it right away, or in a tight deadline.

  • Customers who want to pop in to a retail shop at any time. We are not setup for this.

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